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Decision Time

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Goals. Goals. Goals. Yuck. Phuey. Who needs them!

Are you sick of hearing about the importance of setting goals?

Sometimes I feel that way too and that is a big part of what I help people do as a business consultant and coach.

So what do I think is actually more important than determining and setting goals?

Decision Time!

For example. Do you have a staff member who performs poorly?

What decision regarding this staff member have you been avoiding? Refusing to take action on?

Perhaps it’s as simple as acting on the decision to make a decision at all! Scary to be stuck at that level. But more common than you realize.

Maybe the decision you are avoiding is to sit down with the staff member and provide a job review and make suggestions or requirements. Or perhaps it’s time to discuss termination of the position or that staff person specifically.

Who can be bothered with setting short and long term goals when the power of being stuck and inactive on key decisions (even small decisions) maintains an environment that you tolerate at best. And worst? You don’t need me to tell you about worst. We both know it feels like crap and can make you question your qualificiations and worth regularly.

So, what do you do?

I can give you a lot of potential options to choose from but that just provides you with another decision to make doesn’t it.

Let me make it easy for you. Between November 1, 2009 and December 20th, 2009 I am going to help you for free! No goal setting programs for 2010, its Decision Time.

Contact me to sign up for a no fee 45 minute clarity and action session.

Once we have selected a date/time for you to call, I will email you a simple Decision Time worksheet. During the session we will evaluate 6 decisions you are holding back on and outline the first step in taking action on those decisions.

POW, 6 decisions moved forward before 2010.

BAM, 6 areas in your life that won’t be holding you down and keeping you back in 2010. YES, time and energy to focus on areas in your business and lifestyle that you have been convincing yourself you don’t have time to address.

It’s your life, are you ready?

action right now: email and request your no fee session.


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Is this your idea of success?

Is this your idea of success?

Success is different for everyone.

When I lived in the Netherlands, I found that the Dutch say, “Success” where in the US we typically say, “Good Luck”.

Good Luck is certainly nice, well wishing. But success! Well that feels good doesn’t it? Nothing left to chance or luck here.

And that is the approach I take with my clients across the globe. We can sit back and wait for “luck” to find us, help us make new friends, teach us the local language, remove the isolation or loneliness, drop a job in our lap, learn to understand our collegues from all sorts of cultures OR we can define what success in this situation would be for us and then take action to achieve it.

It sounds simple and in many instances it is. My success comes in when I am able to assist you in clarifying your needs, taking the necessary action, receiving unbiased support and providing my resources and connections to ensure you reach you goals

The whole coaching experience has made me realize what my potential is and far beyond. With the Expat coaching, my achievements were even more special to me because I was outside of my natural element; a different language, different culture and a different system. Grace Davis, Canadian Expat

It also comes back to me when I have a previous client send me an update from their part of the world. An art gallery opening featuring their work, an article they wrote published in a magazine, their latest assignment in a new country being a lot of fun!

So I tend to use Success all the time now.

Whatever the outcome, may it be successful.