Coaching and Consulting services are offered in person, via telephone globally and email.

90% of my coaching clients work with me over the telephone in monthly coaching sessions.  This allows them to work with the coach that is best suited to their needs and personality vs. just picking the person located closest to them.

In addition, as coaching is not therapy, my clients often find their best work is accomplished when we are not distracted by visual clues or worried about how they speak or look and I am simply able to “listen” at a deep level to what they are truly saying.

Consulting is also easily achieved through online contact and telephone support.  One of my strong points is helping a client brainstorm options and reveal choices in their business approach and marketing plan.  This can often be successfully acomplished with a combination of telephone and email support.

Rates are based on what program or package is desired or by the hour if your budget or needs are smaller than the programs offered.