• Business Brainstorming
  • Website writing – clean, concise, clear and correct.  If you are not a natural writer – I can help!
  • Marketing Support – slogan, brand, plan – all 3 are essential in the marketing plan to attract YOUR customers
  • Current Business Assessment – the gut instinct factor – what’s working, what’s missing
  • Client Consideration – Target Market – What your client needs vs. what you want to deliver

I truly delight in helping solopreneurs design a business plan or structure to allow them to grow their business and their joy of owning their own business at the same time.  I believe true success means these go hand in hand.

In addition, one of my great passions is to help people with chronic illness who wish to work explore the possibility of starting their own business on their terms based on their skills and needs.  Let me help you redefine what work means to you and how you can contribute in a way that is both rewarding and income generating while honoring your current health needs.