Life Balance

Life Balance Definition:  Personal interests and work interests creating a lifestyle that respects both and allows growth in all areas.

How coaching helps:

- Reduce unwanted activities
- Learn how to set boundaries
- Say yes to what you want and no to the rest
- Discover your true interests
- Set goals and accomplish goals
- Define personal and work lifestyle

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Small Business or Solopreneur Success

Small Business or Solopreneur Success Creating a business that generates joy and income is the goal of my clients with their own business.

How coaching helps:

- Learn how to work on and in your business
- Create a marketing plan that is realistic
- Brainstorm ideas and solutions to move forward
- Support from someone outside the company
- Identify strong points and strengthen
- Identify weak points and solve or outsource

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Expats and Love Immigrants

Expats and Love Immigrants Life abroad or outside your passport country can bring on unexpected challenges and stress.

How coaching helps:

- Gain valuable acculturation tips and clarity
- Identify values, beliefs and goals and live by them
- Build a life of joy, learning and adventure
- Strengthen cultural competence in business
- Understand role in new location or new culture
- Thrive in a multicultural relationship
- Create. Be. Do. Whoever you are wherever you live

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Solopreneurs with a Chronic Illness

Chronic Illness Tough challenge but life goes forward and my clients chose to move with it and not sit by the sidelines.

How coaching helps:

- Clarify what works and what doesn't
- Gain support and plan solutions to move forward
- Develop a business while respecting your health
- Learn ways to market your business professionally
- Strengthen family and friend relationships
- Determine what works for you medically, socially
- Move past guilt, pity, frustration to acceptance with possibilities

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