Small Business or Solopreneur Coaching

You’ve started your own business or want to but something is missing…

~ you don’t know how to market yourself or your company or product or your services
~ you spend too much time working ON your business and not enough IN your business
~ you are trying to do it all wasting valuable time doing tasks better served for someone else
~ you are ready to start your own business but are not sure what to do or how to begin
~ you have no marketing plan or 5, 10, 15 year business plan – your business lacks direction
~ you need support with decisions and want impartial advice, brainstorming, solutions
~ you want to regain the joy and inspiration you had when you first launched
~ you are ready to be positive, proactive and take control of your business

Teaming with me you will develop systems to:

~ create a marketing plan that is realistic and doable
~ define your target client, how to find them, what approach works best to attract them
~ build relationships with colleagues and companies that naturally promote you
~ set boundaries so you are free to focus on what you want and lose the distractions
~ build your self confidence and value your business and time
~ understand what works for YOU and focus on that
~ create a work environment in or outside your home that allows optimum success
~ realize you are experiencing normal reactions
~ develop ties with leaders in your industry and community
~ build a support team of colleagues, family, friends that provide ongoing encouragement

How I do it:
I coach my small business and solopreneur clients the same way I coach all my clients РI listen deeply, suggest and encourage, share advice when needed, provide knowledge, guide and strategize and assign projects or tasks to explore solutions.  The added bonus of working with me comes with the knowledge that I too have launched an international  solorpreneur business and have coached business owners in Europe, Australia and North America.

How It works:

  • One on One coaching via the telephone, in person or email.
  • You select the session plan that best suits your schedule and needs.
  • Between sessions you focus on your assignments, practice techniques, track your learning
  • Usually in 3 months or so, change becomes noticeable, goals are moving forward or accomplished