JAFA Company History

I launched JAFA officially in early 2000.  I had been counseling prior to moving to the Netherlands in 1998 and upon arrival found myself naturally helping other expats and immigrants with a variety of issues.

I worked for a private Dutch company coordinating sales and marketing throughout Europe as well as English translation of all documents and whilst I found working with other cultures stimulating,  organizing international sales training wasn’t were my passions lied.

So following my own advice, I decided to launch a private coaching and consulting practice and haven’t looked back.    The people I have met along the way have brought me tremendous joy and learning.  The exposure to so many different cultures  has been one of the highlights.

I am often asked what JAFA means and the simple answer is the 4 letters are my initials.  The big picture is that JAFA is all that I am, my life experiences, strengths and struggles, education and training, opinions and advice, creativity and joy, humor and sometimes my blood, sweat and tears.  I bring all of me to the table when I work with a client to ensure they get all I have to offer.

As owner of JAFA I wear many hats and sometimes a crown.

JAFA Company Purpose

I help people set their dreams in motion.

Many coaches and consultants (mentors, guides, motivational speakers, gurus – you pick the name, I like to help facilitate the results) talk about helping people accomplish things – I believe that during our life journey, our goals and dreams are constantly changing with our interests, abilities, finances and the many other factors that affect our lives daily.

It is with this in mind that I started my business in February 2000 with the intent to help people determine, clarify and take action on their goals and interests.

My clients may come to me to work on the determining part only or just want further clarification. Some come to me with a clear idea of what they want but need support with putting the action steps behind the goals.

Motion is the key word for my clients. If I can help you develop a system and desire to get your goals in motion than hopefully you will utilize this skills for the rest of your life no matter how long or short we work together.

So if you want to:

  • revamp or reenergize your business
  • design a marketing plan that is realistic and based on your brand
  • define a work style that incorporates working on and working in your business
  • outline your management goals
  • clarify your personal and professional goals
  • create life balance so you enjoy all that you do and not just part of it
  • build on your leadership skills
  • create a business environment that reflects your values, beliefs and spirit
  • stop grinding away for someone else and begin your own business
  • spend too much time fighting a chronic illness and want to get the focus back on the joy in life
  • do something and you don’t know what but know something needs to change

Contact me. +1.714.633.3061 or via email at
We will have a 30+ minute no cost consultation to determine how we can best work together.

Prepare to learn, Prepare to change, Prepare to laugh, Prepare to grow

Prepare to Set Your Dreams In Motion