Expatriate Coaching

Living and working abroad adds extra stress and challenges in an Expats life.  My clients feel isolated, lonely, confused about their career path and/or lack of meaningful work or feel they have no purpose. Some dislike the culture of the host country.

Teaming with me they develop systems to make the Expat experience work for them as a stimulating adventure or accept it isn’t what they want and repatriate home without guilt or shame but with excitement and joy. And yes, often relief whether due to going home or loving where they live finally!

Did you know?
The most common factors in assignment failure are partner satisfaction (96%), family concerns (93%), inability to adapt (91%).

How I do it:

As an American Coach who has lived abroad, I listen to, support, encourage, laugh with, advise, brainstorm, clarify, strategize and guide my clients to live the Expat lifestyle as a rich and exciting adventure.

In addition, I help people learn to seek guidance from within, enjoy life balance and improve their overall quality of life.

If you are ready to set your dreams in motion I am ready to coach you there.

Individual Expat Support Program

One on One coaching either in person or via the telephone or email. You select the session plan that best suits your schedule and needs. The program is similar to what non Expat clients receive – however the added benefit of my expertise in acculturation issues, living abroad and cross cultural knowledge are brought to the coaching partnership to assure your Expat journey is one full of success and terrific memories.

Accompanying Spouse/Partner Program

The goal is to begin coaching during predeparture or upon arrival.

  • Acculturation, self shock and cultural issues are explored
  • Individualized programs or company sponsored programs are available
  • Ongoing coaching is designed to provide appropriate support

The program is designed to assist the family so a support base is developed which in turn provides a stronger foundation for the Expat.  The long term goal is for the family to enjoy their Expat experience, not just survive it.

Corporate Programs

Are you with a corporation and/or HR manager and looking to find ways to ensure the contracts with your Expat personnel are both satisfying and successful for them and the company? We encourage you to request the information we have developed for you which includes statistics regarding the failure rates of Expat contracts and the areas that affect those rates.  Coaching can shift the statistics in your favor. Request information