Life Balance Coaching

Your life is great in some areas but needs help in others…

~ you love your work but wish you had more time to do things outside of work
~ you wish to reduce stress and build coping skills
~ you know there is more to life than your current lifestyle
~ you never took the time to explore your passions and now you are ready
~ you want to sing, dance, make noise – find the joy in your life
~ you fear you are a workaholic and wish to learn the tools to enjoy your whole life not parts of it
~ you are ready to be positive, proactive and take control of your life

Teaming with me you will develop systems to:

~ live where you are today with joy and hope
~ gain clarity on your values, beliefs and personal goals
~ create YOUR life and stop living someone else’s idea of what your life should be
~ set appropriate boundaries – say YES to you and NO to what drags you down!
~ regain your passion and zest for day to day living
~ begin making the best choices for you
~ find meaningful work, create positive relationships, explore what inspires you
~ remove the tolerations from your life
~ feel excited about all you do and want to share it with the world
~ learn to put yourself first thus be the best of you to give to your family, friends and work

How I do it:
I coach my life balance clients the same way I coach all my clients – I listen deeply, suggest and encourage, share advice when needed, provide knowledge, guide and strategize and assign projects or tasks to explore solutions.  The added bonus of working with me comes with the knowledge that I have a background in psychology and counseling and social services. I have written programs around stress reduction, life purpose, and finding and creating joy.  In addition, I completed a specialized coaching program “Work Yourself Happy” receiving certification from Terri Levine – a pioneer in the Coach training Industry.

How It works:

  • One on One coaching via the telephone, in person or email.
  • You select the session plan that best suits your schedule and needs.
  • Between sessions you focus on your assignments, practice techniques, track your learning
  • Usually in 3 months or so, change becomes noticeable, goals are moving forward or accomplished