Picking the right coach for you!

It's good to determine if you are coachable and if you think I would be
the right person to support and guide you during your coaching process.
    If after reading the below information, you want to take the next step
 email me to schedule your free coaching assessment session.

My Approach to coaching

I have an integrative style based on my life experience, my previous job
roles, my University education and my participation in a variety of
coaching programs and models.  I work with you to help you determine
what is best for you.  We design a program together that keeps you
on track and learning what it is you want and how you can achieve it.

In addition, I continue to attend courses on coaching to remain on
the cutting edge of the profession and keep my skills honed
and challenged so I can offer you my best.

Your Program

The first step is the free coaching assessment session which we
conduct over the phone.  During this time we determine if we are
a match and what type of program is most suited to your goals.

The second step is usually an intake session, conducted face to face
in my IJsselstein office. However, if you are not local or person-to-person
contact is not convenient for you, we will work over the phone.
  Some JAFA packages utilize an email intake before you get started.

  The coaching alliance is set up within a set number of phone calls
per month and includes email support, homework assignments
and in October 2001 you will have access to a client only section
with additional resources, tools and information for your benefit.

The client calls the coach (in some international situations I will call to
achieve the lowest possible rate for the client and address the phone
charges in the billing) at their scheduled time.  If a client can't
make a scheduled call they provide 24 hours notice.  I in turn do the same.

I currently offer a few different programs. Some people divide the sessions up
 between phone and email sessions - some people find they enjoy the variety.
I welcome questions and enquiries so please don't hesitate to contact me

JAFA Coaching Packages

Are you Coachable?

I will prepare each week for the coaching session

I am willing to try new things

I will honor the coaching alliance and be on time for calls and with payment

I am aware that I am the only one who can make change happen in my life

I want a coach to support me in achieving all that I want in life

I am excited about having a coach and am not uncomfortable in letting others know

Does this sound like you?  Great!
Then email me so we can set your dreams in motion!

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Both professionals are interested in client self-improvement and self-awareness. 
The therapist helps the client understand and come to terms with their past and  present so that they can move ahead. 
A coach supports the client to identify  their future and to take action steps toward an outcome.

A key distinction for me is:
coaching: generates action
therapy: encourages understanding

Where therapy is needed, a coach will refer clients appropriately. 
 Most major personal and professional challenges can be faced successfully in the coaching partnership.


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