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Expat Fair, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands March 2001
Expat Fair 2001 - JAFA Booth - I love coaching Expats and Love Immigrants

Tip/Exhibition Booth Hosting:  Hosting a booth at the Expat Fair 2001 to attract awareness to
coaching and outreach to one of my niche markets  (Expats/Love Immigrants) was a lot of fun and
a great opportunity to practice my "what I do" speech. My main goal was to meet potential
clients so I decided having a booth vs. just attending to network was indeed  the better investment.
Jackie Arnold shared the top ten list with me and I found it quite helpful. 

Outcome:  I did a lot of networking with other booth hosts.  I found they gave me more attention
 and respect when they found out I was also a fellow booth holder - a pity considering  I feel
the focus should have been on the attendees.  There was a bit of a snooty attitude amongst
booth reps and I had a few attendees mention this to me and  they were grateful
that my booth was so welcoming.  I think I planted many seeds but  I did not get
many new clients.  Overall, my goal of enjoying myself was accomplished.

Top Ten Tips for Hosting a booth at Exhibitions or Shows by Coach Jackie Arnold

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