"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Eleanor Roosevelt

Julia in November 2002

My Professional Background

I spent my first 34 years in Sunny, Southern California and relocated to
the Netherlands in April, 1998. In April, 2002 I "imported" my
Dutch husband back to Southern California. 

Raised by Canadian immigrant parents, a British immigrant grandmother
a Dutch immigrant housekeeper and a Polish immigrant babysitter
I had a rather atypical 60's upbringing in southern California.
My father was a Surgeon who surfed and as a family we watched
Benny Hill and Monty Python.

I worked in Social Services for over 10 years in the US and after launching a
successful international business in the Netherlands, I currently work
as a Life Coach, writer and consultant from my office in Orange, CA. 
I travel back and forth between the USA and the Netherlands
and coach people globally via telephone, internet and in person.

 I received a BA in Psychology from California State University, Long Beach.
I continued my education through a variety of programs, workshops
and training courses including extensive work in volunteer management,
information and referral, child abuse and domestic violence, grief counseling
and Alcoholism and Drug Addiction treatment.

I have worked for Women's Treatment programs, the American Red Cross
Military Social Services, and Medical, Financial Planning and Child Abuse agencies.
 My experience also includes years of fund raising and event planning
 and extensive work in the Non-Profit sector.

More importantly, I love working with others, sharing my experience,
strength and hope and providing support and the tools helpful for
improving ones life and setting our dreams in motion.

 My Personal Interests

I have a great passion for music, especially Blues, World, Classical
and Easy Listening. I was trained in classical piano and flute.
I love writing songs and articles and completed a book of poetry.  
I have experience in recovery and depression and utilize that knowledge
to help others. I love experiencing other cultures and traveling.
I also enjoy my time on the computer both surfing the net,
making friends and playing computer games.

I am launching another business creating Art for the Garden.  I absolutely
love it.  And on a sunny day you can find me puttering amongst my
cactus and succulents, watering, weeding and enjoying life.

 My Personal and Professional Affiliations
Director, International Relations, Coachville Member Advocacy Team
Member - British American Business Council Orange County
Adjunct Faculty - Graduate School of Coaching
Founder - Friends Across Cultures
Founding Member - Coachville - membership and training organization for Coaches
International Volunteer - AWOS - American Women Overseas Domestic Violence Outreach Program

I'm on SPOKE, LinkedIn and  RYZE as well and these are terrific ways
to network and meet like minded people!

My Contact Information

JAFA Coaching & Consulting
+1 714.633.3601

If all this information isn't enough and you would like to explore
my personal website - feel free.  There you will find an extensive collection
of my poetry, pictures of myself and family, genealogy information,
sections on depression, seasonal affective disorder,
culture shock and immigration tips for Holland.

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