Coach Linda Mason-Hahn, Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela


 Coach Julia Ferguson Andriessen, IJsselstein, The Netherlands


Coaches Living Abroad(sm)

an interactive online community for expat Coaches and Coaches with expat clients.

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Many people see the unique opportunities of the Expat lifestyle. Less obvious are some of the unique challenges, lessons, and highly creative solutions these opportunities demand. Whether you are a Coach living and working in locales other than your home-country, or a Coach working with Expat clients, you may find yourself in need of support, new resources and skills, questioning things you thought you knew.

Coach Linda Mason-Hahn is joining me in co-facilitating this online discussion community. From our personal & professional experiences as Expats working in other cultures, we know the unusual challenges faced and the often limited regional resources from which to draw, and are convinced of the need for such a network. We are committed to sharing support, information, and useful tools with other Expat Coaches.

We request you please share Coaches Living Abroad(sm) with appropriate Coaches in your network, and add us to your list of resources.

Thanks for your referrals & support.

Julia Ferguson Andriessen and Linda Mason-Hahn


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Coaches Living Abroad(sm)--Community for Coaches who live and work in locales other than their home-country. Networking support as they adapt, adjust, and create fulfilling lives & coaching practices. For Coaches who are expats & who coach expats.

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