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I am often asked for my personal recommendations on books, CD's and other products
that may benefit people on their personal life journey.

Some of these items have been crucial to my own path and some have been
wonderful tools that my clients have benefited by using.

I do get an affiliate fee and appreciate your purchasing items via these links
as the small amount I am paid helps to ensure I can continue to create and give
back within my website and coaching business.

Your feedback is welcome and if you found a product listed that was of benefit
do let me know!

PS.  I chose Amazon because I respect their business practices and their efforts
to make as much as possible available and affordable to everyone. 



  A Little book of Forgiveness
I would love everyone in the world to read this book in their own language.
We forgive others so we can live our own lives.  This book is a goldmine.

  How We Choose to Be Happy
A client has found this book to be a perfect match with her desire to find
simple steps in achieving a happier lifestyle.

   Codependent No More and Beyond Codependency
2 books in one - the basics in understanding and moving past codependency and poor boundaries

  The E-Myth Revisited
A must read for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Help for the Hard Times
My all time favorite book on dealing with loss and grief.  Written for kids but perfect for all of us because when we grieve and struggle with loss - understanding what's going on needs to be simple and easy.

Instant Calm
Over 100 quick and easy tips on finding calm in a crazy workday, life, home...you name it!

 Stop Walking on Eggshells

The main resource for those dealing with Borderline Personality within a Family member or Friend

  Tuesdays with Morrie
Great comfort for understanding life and what's important.
Helped me tremendously after my Dad died from cancer.

 Success Is Not an Accident!
Easy Exercises - Common Sense and solid info but we need to hear it again to get it sometimes!!

 How Much Joy Can You Stand
A fun book of exercises on bringing out the JOY in your life.
JOY is a must for me...what's the point of life without it?

 20-Minute Retreats
Expert covers lots of great mini retreats you can do in your home and mind
on a variety of topics to revive your spirit.  I have used this a lot with my clients

Music is a passion of mine - here are some artists who touch my soul

 Living with Ghosts
Any of Patty Griffin's CD's will do but this one is a favorite.  Her songs just move me.


Eva Cassidy died at the age of 33 of Melanoma.  She had a gift that
luckily was recorded (only 3 CD's) for us to remember her by.  Her rendition
of Over the Rainbow and Fields of Gold bring tears to my eyes.

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