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Coexist on earth as it is in…

September 28, 2011 by admin | No Comments | Filed in Peace, Spirituality (Not Religion)

  Here on earth, for as long as Ever Everyone fights to prove “what’s right” But I wonder if I should tell them What I know is in my heart… All our God’s like to party And it’s been that way from the start! Buddha’s playing on the Bongos While God and Allah tell their […]

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Tears of Grief and Hopes for Healing

April 14, 2011 by admin | No Comments | Filed in Love Poems, Uncategorized

  I was with him when he died I cried I was there barely breathing He was breathing barely But I sat there squarely Frozen in my chair It was not my duty Nor demand But I stayed and held his hand And I cried Not aloud Not in vain But I cried all the […]

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Kindred Spirits

April 13, 2011 by admin | No Comments | Filed in Kindred Spirits, Love Poems, Spirituality (Not Religion)

Kindred Spirits If we should touch, hand to heart You would feel my soul within you. Knowing not, from where we end The start of melding flesh and sinew. Magical and mysterious. Illogical and curious. Beyond the present state of mind A kindred spirit can’t be defined. But gentle as the morning air And consistent […]

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One World, One Peace

April 13, 2011 by admin | No Comments | Filed in Acceptance, Peace, Spirituality (Not Religion)

  One World, One Peace Peace begins within Like a simple silent prayer To want quiet for the world To wish release from despair And food for the many Requires nurturing your soul To give to others In spite of what you know Religion is division Let your “one” god go Acceptance above all others […]

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