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Julia Ferguson Andriessen

Julia at Quail Gardens Feb. 2011

I’ve been writing poetry since I was a wee lass to help me express the emotions and feelings bursting inside me without knowing a better way to explain the internal struggles I felt and my views on life as it unfolded around me.

I continue to define myself as a poet.  Often having words come to me while trying to fall asleep or driving along and then Poof – a Poem (the title of my old eblogger blog from years ago for my poetry).  This means much of my poetry is only known to me in an instant and then gone.

Music also moves my heart and gets my toes wiggling.  Don’t ever want to live without it.  I’m semi-retired due to some poopy health issues.  I still maintain my coaching biz and you can find more about that at http://www.juliaferguson.com.  I am passionate about helping others and I love to help them set their dreams in motion.

I got away from the whole blog thing and recently decided to go at it again.  So I also launched http://www.chronicbitch.com which is where I share what it is like to have a gazillion annoying things messing with my body and my head!  You can only be positive so much and then you just want to bitch about it!  And studies even say that’s healthy!

So that’s a bit about me.  I’m a gardener, a tweeter, a FB enthusiast, creative spirit, love to help others, make garden art, cherish my friends, listen to music daily even if it’s just in my head and write when I need to, want to and must.

I hope you enjoy my most excellent OFFICIAL Julia Pulia Puddnin’ Pie Ferguson Poetry website!


Me as a wee lass with my Dad & brother

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  1. Barbara says:


    Your heart is so golden it lights the world around you. I love your way with words, and your way with people. You are a gift.

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