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Copyright and Permission to Use requests

This website is the official site for my poetry.  I  request  that those that visit respect my copyright and not share or use my written work or photography without prior approval and consent.  (Thanks mucho mucho!)

I ask this because for years I have kindly shared my poetry for people to use with friends or others and the past few years I have been saddened to find my poetry on websites with no mention of my name or copyright intact and worse in some cases claiming it as their own.  UGH!

As a creative, that hurts because like most artists or creative individuals, our expression is precious and intimate and most like to share it and still be recognized as the author or creator.  For me it is both an act of kindness and respect.

I have been delighted to have shared my poems to be used in song and greeting cards for personal use.  Please check with me first to obtain permission from me before sharing with others.  I do greatly appreciate it!

And if you want to create something for sale utilizing my poetry – heck ya contact me.  I like making money too!  I’m sure there is an arrangement available that works for both of us!

Big hugs!


Julia Ann Ferguson

Julia Keukenhoff, the Netherlands
Julia – Life in the Netherlands 1998

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