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Sunrise on Oude Gracht

January 5, 2012 by admin | Filed under Life Abroad, Love Poems, Relationships/Marriage, The Netherlands.

Rays of golden orange hues
Across the dark blue waters gleam
Breathy clouds of morning mist
Along the canals, can be seen
Slowly rising like a fire
The waters turn a brilliant yellow
The dampness and the crisp cool air
Suddenly begin to mellow
The shades of red, orange and gold
Melt the water into honey
Sunrise wakes the Netherlands
Beauty worth more than Dutchmens’ money

~ November 10th, 1997 ~

This poem is about dreaming of love and hope, of far away places and the possibility of dreams becoming reality.  I had not been to the Netherlands yet, but I wrote this poem in my mind’s eye while imagining what making love there would be like… thus an intimate and very revealing look into this poets mind for a moment.  You can read great works of poetry today and have “experts” share their opinions of what the work means, I give little credence to such opinions, a reason why I enjoy sharing why or where I wrote something.   How many people would truly be able to interpret this poem being about a woman’s orgasm?  Reread it and see if you get it now.

Julia Ann Ferguson

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