Friends Across Cultures
Changing the world One Friendship At a Time


Building Cross Cultural Friendships
through Social Contact in
Orange County, California

Organized by Julia Ferguson Andriessen and Maarten Andriessen

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To provide a rich and culturally diverse circle of friends

The main focus of the group is to help immigrants and Expats in the Southern California
area hook up with like minded individuals and local people in the community to develop
culturally diverse friendships.   The suggested language for the gatherings is
English to allow the widest possible participation.

Maarten and I started a similar group while living in the Netherlands and found it very rewarding.
The group is open to people of all nationalities and genders and partners are welcome.

We do this on a volunteer basis and there is no cost to join or participate.

Please contact us to be included in the email updates and be provided
 with a schedule/location outline.  All information is confidential and will not
be distributed to anyone else.

There is ample free parking as well.

FAC'S next Gathering will be
January 31st, 2004
11:00am ~ 1:00pm


The Phoenix Club
, Ca

The largest German Club in North America

We will be meeting in the main lobby at 10:50am - please
RSVP asap so I can make reservations.  The Brunch is very popular!

Holiday Party Fun 2003

The FAC Holiday party was full of fun and laughter and new friends!
Our Personal Goal
My  4 year experience of living in Europe showed me that many people in other countries and cultures
have a distorted and often inaccurate view of Americans and people of other nationalities.
Maarten and I would like to see that change.  We believe the best way for people to erase the
stereotypes and fear is to meet and make friends with people from other cultures.

Our dream is that we build friendships between cultures
within our local communities around the globe and eventually erase
the misguided stereotypes and inaccurate information that is bred by fear
and lack of knowledge of other races and cultures. 

At the end of each day there is only one race - the human one.
If you are not close enough to attend our group - please consider
creating a Friends Across Cultures group in your area. 

Together we can build global understanding and acceptance....and lasting friendship.

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