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The following sites are unique or well thought out and in some way
benefit Expatriates or Love Immigrants in the Netherlands.

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(I lived 4 years in NL am married to a Dutchman
and carry Dual Citizenship so I have many resources for Holland)
Last Update: September 7, 2001
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Expat Websites or related to Expats:

Clubs and Organizations
Women's clubs:

- American Women's Club of Amsterdam
AWC The Hague - American Women's Club of The Hague
ANCOR - American Women's Club of Rotterdam
Pickwick - Women's Club of Rotterdam

Other clubs/groups:
AABC - American Amsterdam Business Club
ABF - American Baseball Foundation in the Netherlands
Foreign Friends - Event Planning company catering to Expats
My Haarlem - The Social Network for Professionals in Holland

Coaching for Expats - My website devoted strictly to Expat coaching

Culture Specific Info
Aussies in Holland - a site specific to Australians living in Holland
Mexicanos en Holanda - A site specific to Mexicans living in the Netherlands
Simply Amsterdam - Information for Tourists and Visitors - Amsterdam, Netherlands


Food/Gift Items Shipped worldwide
Forage - Delivers a full range of UK/US groceries to your door in the Ranstad area

General Assistance
Access - free info and helpline for English Speaking Community - based in the Hague
AmericanVlaai - A beautifully laid out and thorough resource for Expats

Housing/Rental Agencies
Makelaars Huis - English written site for information on buying and renting

Immigration Information
American in Holland - my likes, dislikes and things missed while living in Holland
IND - Immigration/Naturalization site in Dutch and English
Julia's Immigration Info - the section I put together on tips to relocating to Holland
US Embassy in the Netherlands - online site with info and resources for US citizens

Magazines/Books via post/mail or online
American Book Center - Center of Amsterdam - I shopped here all the time
Roundabout - The English Language guide to What's on in Holland - I absolutely LOVED this magazine
Xpat.nl - The publisher for the best books on Holland for Expats

Online support
Elynx - an online based resource for housing, what's on and classifieds

Parent Focused Sites

Relationship/Couple Support
Love Immigrants - my site for multi cultural couples with an Ezine
Moonbird - Info for cross cultural relationships created by a Dutch woman
NonDutchables - well rounded site for couples with a Dutch partner in Holland

Relocation Companies
De Verhuis Manager - Petra's great relocation business for companies and individuals

Wedding Info
Dream Weddings - These Expat women can organize a lovely wedding in Holland for you

 Work related - Employment/Career
C & G Career Services - Agency for Dual Career couples


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