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   Ferguson Family

I am currently inputting the Ferguson Family Tree into the Family Tree Maker v. 4.0 software program. Currently, the tree goes back to Donald Ferguson, born 1800 in Kilmartin, Scotland. We do not have a name for his wife. He died in Mosa Township, Ontario, Canada.

Once I have completed entering the information I will upload the file to the appropriate World genealogy database. My father, Alan D. Ferguson and I hope to continue the tree back from Donald. My father and mother moved from Sarnia, Ontario Canada to California over 40 yrs ago and have resided here since. I am also encouraging all of my relatives (they ALL reside in Canada) to provide me with the current additions to our family as well as photographs, special mementos and stories of interest.

 Burd Family

I have recently wrote the last known link to my mothers lineage in England requesting her assistance. I am extremely excited to receive a response from her. My grandfather Bruce and grandmother Amy Elizabeth (Gray) were born in Middlesex, England. They both immigrated to Canada at very young ages. They married and resided in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. My mother and I are currently writing our relatives in Canada to get their information for this tree.

 Reid, Smith, de Jong Families

I visited my biological mother and sister in Chicago, Illinois and met relatives from the Reid family this past July, 1997. My aunt Susan (Reid) has an incredible collection of history, photographs, documentation and tree records. They promised to provide me with copies and I look forward to receiving that information. I know the Reid's are from Scotland dating back to a William Reid. My Grandmother Anna Smith was Irish and Dutch. The Dutch side is traced back to Arie de Jong who was born in Rotterdam, Holland in 5/1808 and died 10/30/1841 . He was married to Alieda Bessemer from Holland and they migrated to Rome, NY and then eventually to Cantril, Iowa I believe. Once I receive all the records I will input them into the program and load them up as well.


At this time I know my biological father is Edward L. Cereda of Mammoth Lakes. I have met my sister Susan Cereda of California. I hope I will find additional information on this "Tree". If memory serves, I believe they are Italian with a Portuguese influence from the 14th century. I have recently had additional email contact with Ed who informs me of Grandparents who were French and Seminole Indian.  So my diversity increases!

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