I have had the joy of working with 100’s of individuals and couples around the globe and covering over 25 different nationalities.

My clients have included CEO’s and executives in international corporations, partners in law firms, career Expats and Foreign Service staff, Artists, Musicians, Therapists, Small Business owners and professionals from a wide variety of fields, ages, ethnicity and sexual preference.

Here are some thoughts from a few of them.

One of the most important things that Julia does is analyze clearly.
At the intake we struck the target immediately.
I told her I was following courses at the art academy,
and that I would like to become a painter.
I let her know that on a recent exposition I had already sold half of the paintings.
“Oh”, she said: “But then you already are a painter.”

Marije, Dutch painter, The Netherlands

“Over the months, I have become more focused on what I want to achieve
as well as more introspective about my inner fears and deepest desires.
Weekly coaching sessions give me the motivation and momentum to work
towards my long-term goals as well as making me accountable for my progress.
It is a positive empowering process where I set the agenda for our sessions
and Julia provides the framework and tools.”

Michelle McCue,  British Expat

“As far as I am concerned, you’re extremely effective.  Way above my expectation.
You are a fantastic coach and deserve a 10 on all the areas…really!”

James Afolalu, Nigerian Expat and Business Executive, The Netherlands

The whole coaching experience has made me realize
what my potential is and far beyond. With the Expat coaching,
my achievements were even more special to me because I was
outside of my natural element; a different language,
different culture and a different system.

Grace Davis, Canadian Expat

Thank you for your help.  I feel that I have come away with some
very helpful techniques and that the “train is back on the tracks”.

Andy Nicastro, US Expat and Computer Systems Developer

The coaching process has helped me gain a better understanding of who I am.
It has been a mixture of effort and ease.  Effort as I grapple with the thoughts and exercises
and ease as I realise when a truth has been discovered.

Debra Mickelborough, New Zealand Expat