Chronic Illness Coaching

You may have an invisible illness, but not an invisible life…

~ you want to be seen, heard and spoken to with respect, love and dignity
~ you want to find work or start a business with purpose that you can manage with your illness
~ you know you are still capable of living a great life, being a terrific friend, parent, partner, business owner
~ you may never work again and do not wish to feel useless
~ you might feel lonely, friendless, isolated
~ you are ready to be positive, proactive and take control of your life

Teaming with me you will develop systems to:

~ live where you are today with joy and hope
~ get off the couch or out of the house and become part of your local community
~ create friendships that respect your health challenges
~ set appropriate boundaries
~ regain your self confidence and worth
~ understand what works medically for YOU and focus on that
~ find meaningful work or create a business that allows you to explore a passion
~ realize you are experiencing normal reactions
~ develop ties with other chronically ill individuals
~ start rejoicing in your relationships again

How I do it:
I coach my clients with Chronic illness the same way I coach all my clients – I listen deeply, suggest and encourage, share advice when needed, provide knowledge, guide and strategize and assign projects or tasks to explore solutions.  The added bonus of working with me comes with the knowledge that I too have long term first hand experience with a variety of chronic illnesses.  I refer to them as my “eases”.  Ulcerative Colitis with Ankylosing Spondylitis, Fibromyalgia and Diabetes.

How It works:

  • One on One coaching via the telephone, in person or email.
  • You select the session plan that best suits your schedule and needs.
  • Between sessions you focus on your assignments, practice techniques, track your learning
  • Usually in 3 months or so, change becomes noticeable, goals are moving forward or accomplished