Love Immigrant™ Coaching

Love Immigrants move to be with someone they love…

~ not for asylum or a better standard of life
~ not to learn a new language
~ not to give up who they are or renounce their country
~ not to never work again or feel useless
~ not to feel lonely, friendless, isolated
~ not to feel unwanted or unwelcome by their new family

Teaming with me they develop systems to:

~ make their relationship succeed in all areas
~ become part of their local community
~ create friendships
~ set appropriate boundaries
~ regain their self confidence and worth
~ understand multicultural relationship issues
~ find meaningful work
~ realize they are experiencing normal reactions
~ develop ties with their in laws/family
~ start rejoicing in the relationship again and stop worrying that they made the wrong decision!

How I do it:

As an American Coach who has immigrated to Europe and back to the US, I listen to, support, encourage, laugh with, advise, brainstorm, clarify, strategize and guide my clients to create a Love Immigrant relationship that addresses their needs and helps them define a path forward.

In addition, I help people learn to seek guidance from within, enjoy life balance and improve their overall quality of life.

If you are ready to set your dreams in motion I am ready to coach you there.

Individual Support Program:

One on One coaching either in person, via the telephone or email. You select the session plan that best suits your schedule and needs. The program is similar to what non Love Immigrant clients receive – however the added benefit of my expertise in acculturation issues, multicultural relationships, living abroad and cross cultural knowledge are brought to the coaching partnership to assure your  journey is one full of success and terrific memories.

Couple Program:

The goal is to help both partners understand how to address what each other is going through and ensure the relationship grows in a healthy and positive way.

  • Develop a plan to help them find a common path forward and provide an outlet (the coaching) to express their concerns and receive a reality check and different perspective without causing the relationship unnecessary stress or worry.
  • We develop separate sessions for each partner and privacy is assured. This is not counseling – but does allow me to ask questions that can help each partner better understand the struggles and issues for the relationship as a whole.
  • As I get to know each of you I can develop field work for you both to explore to find common ground and solutions.

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